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Upcoming Exhibition:

Santa Fe Art+Design Faculty Exhibition
Opening Reception, September 12th, 2014

Call for Entry:


For SFCC, Hightlands, IAIA, CCC, CNM SFUAD, UNM, NMSU, NNM students currently enrolled in degree-seeking programs, Alumni and Faculty:

Please fill out the following forms and email to Red Dot Gallery

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Gallery Hours:

Thu - Sun      10 AM - 5 PM

Mon - Wed          closed

The Red Dot is made possible through  

the generosity of the Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.



Current Exhibition

Featuring the work of:  Diane Armitage, Noel Aronov, Clark Baughan, John Boyce, Julie Catron, Alberto Chinchón, Kirk E. Gittings, Douglas W. Jones, Mark Kane, Donald Lanzer, Joe Long, James Marshall, Alfred Mirman, Patricia Pearce, Marcel Perez, Kate Rivers, Laura Rosenfeld, Jack Slentz, Diane Tintor, Will Wilson

Press Release

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Featuring the work of:   Dalton Banister - Eastern New Mexico University, Kathleen Bishop, Nicol Blais, Ahn Bradley, Taz Bramlette, Devon Denise Fox, Sandra Hildago – Clovis Community College, David W. Johnson, Will Karp, Kathamann – College of Santa Fe – Alumni, Nan Keegan, Michael Keslin, Joe Long, Michael Long, Pi Luna, Marcel Perez, Kenneth Peshlakai - IAIA, Gayanne Robinson, Laura Rosenfeld, James Madison Speer III, Tourandokht Strick, Cheryl Trostrud-White.


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Featuring the works of the students, faculty members and alumni of Santa Fe Community College, Clovis Community College, Institute of American Indian Arts, and Northern New Mexico College



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The exhibition date is extended to April 11th, 2014.


Artists' Talk: March 1, 2014 (Sat) 1:30 pm at Red Dot Gallery



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Featuring the work of:   Joshua C. Anderson, Henry Aragoncillo, Trina Badarak Hall, William S. Baillargeon, Luisa Baldinger, Jacob Baudhuin, Terry Berg, Joan Concetta Biordi, Kathleen Bishop, Nicol Blais, Ahn Bradley, Donna Brownell, Zuni Buffaloman, Catherine Carr, Scott Chambers, Brian Crane, Dominguez Melissa, Richard Furlanetto, MD, PhD, Moira Garcia, Erik Gellert, Cal George, Desiree Gonzales, John-Michael Herrera Jr., Mario Hinojoza, Eddie Hironaka, Doug Jones, Mark Kane, Will Karp, Michael Keslin, Cynthia Arundhati Ladds, Donald Lanzer, Rachel LePage, Joe Long, Roger Miller, Alfred Mirman, Matthew Morrow, Marcel Perez, Dru Phoenix, Becky Pinnick, Eleanor Rappe, Jody Register, Adrianna Reyes Newell, Kathleen M. Richards, Felicia Rocca, Lisa Marie Russell, Elliot Saltzman, Esther Smith, Robbie Sorge, Carolyn Stupin, Irina Thomas, Cheryl Trostrud-White, John Wantz, Cami J. Wedel, William White, Cricket Whipple, and Frank Willett.


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5TH Annual Día de los Muertos

Public Reception: Friday, November 1, 2013, 5 to 9 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: November 1 - November 22, 2013

Artist Talk by Jim Vogel, Nikki Bustos, Diego López, Gene Ortega and Toby Morfin.
November 9 (Sat) 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Artist Talk by Joseph Ascension López, Diego López, Byron Martinez, and Thomas Vigil.
November 16 (Sat) 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Día de los Muertos Press Release

Participating Artists:  Nikki Bustos, Patricio Chavez, Matthew Duran, El Moises, Benjamin López, Cruz López, Diego López, Leroy López, Joseph A. López, Byron Martinez, Russell Martinez, Arturo Montaño, Rachael Montoya, Toby Morfin, Gene Ortega, Bryan Romero, Gabriel Vigil, Gilbert Vigil, Thomas Vigil, Jim Vogel.

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Participating Artists:  Luisa Baldinger, Patricia Berent, Joan Concetta Biordi, Kathleen Bishop, Mary-Rose Booker, John Boyce, Donna Brownell, Larry & Nancy Buechley, Zuni Buffaloman, Brandee Caoba, LuAnne DeMeo, Melissa Dominguez, Lorraine Edge Castillo, Bart Ellison, Norma A. Evans, Erik Gellert, Eileen Gorman, James Gould, Dawn Gwin, Sam Haozous, Eddie Hironaka, Jessie Hof, Noël Hudson, David W. Johnson, Peg Johnson, Doug Jones, Mark Kane, Will Karp, Rachel LePage, Joe Long, Laura LoTurco-Gorian, Beryl Markowitz, Michael Allen McGuire, Sedona Walker Morrissey, Matt Morrow, Mayumi Nishida Carver, Frances Parker, Marcel Perez, Becky Pinnick, Marianne Potts, Karen L. Riley, Joyce Roetter, Laura Rosenfeld, Regina Shakirova, Szilvia Sisneros, Esther Smith, Frank Willett, and Ken Wilson


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Red Dot Gallery presents a mixed-media art exhibition focused on work from

SFCC and IAIA students and faculty in arts and media arts.

Participating Artists:   Henry Aragoncillo, Diane Armitage, Joan Concetta Biordi, Kathleen Bishop, Pamela Bogan, Ahn Bradley, Rebecca Bradshaw, Brandee Caoba, Catherine Carr, Daniel Cato, Melissa Dominguez, Norma Evans, David Gamble, James Gould, Sam Haozous, David Johnson, Doug Jones, Will Karp, Joe Long, Sigrid Hannah Mabel, Annie McGovern, Alex Meyer, Rebecca Pinnick, Adriana Reyes Newell, Selene Sinclair, Melissa Webber, Cami Wedel, Ken Wilson, and others…

   “Traveling Raveling”   Through September 1

Participating Artists:   Gina Telcocci, Michelle Goodman, Kathleen McCloud

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New Mexico School of the Arts "Class of 2013"

Visual Artists Senior Show   April 26th - May 11th

Opening Reception:  Friday, April 26th, 5 - 7 pm

Participating Artists:  Aspen Concha, Erin Duncan, Allison Garcia, Alissa Gulick, Sonja Anise, Sharifa Lookman, Cameron Marble, Ravenna Osgood, Anastasia Pittis, Abigail Preston, Erica Rizzo, Kamon Tari, Josh Zimber

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Participating Artists:  Luisa Baldinger, Patricia Berent, Berkeley Brestal, Nicol Blais, Wendy Dority, Norma Evans, Richard Furlanetto, Desiree Gonzales, Cheryl A. Hoagland, Nina Harrison, Philip Jarmosevich, Lee M. Kreisberg, Donald Lanzer, Alfred Mirman, Roger Miller, Victor Myers, Rebecca Pinnick, Lillian Turner, Frank Willett, John Wantz

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Celebrate the Winter Season

December 14, 2012 - March 24, 2013 (exhibition date extended)

Public Reception: Friday, December 14, 2012 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Juried by Valerie Verzuh, Curator of ICC Collections at Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Participating Artists: Joan Concetta Biordi, Donna Brownell, Melissa Dominguez, Nicola Gadbois, J. Desiree G. Gonzales, Lydia Gonzales, Diane Howey, Sarah Jenkins, Doug Jones, Sharon Jordan, Joe Long, Pi Luna, Annie McGovern, Debra Meyer, Annette Morreale, Mayumi Nishida, Marcel Perez, Adriana Reyes Newell, Laura Rosenfeld, Selene Sinclair, Linda Mae Tratechaud, Rumi Vesselinova, Ken Wilson

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The New Mexico Committee of

The National Museum of Women in the Arts

and Red Dot Gallery present

An exhibition honoring 2012 as the Year of the Remarkable Woman

Juried by Carolyn Kastner, Associate Curator, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Exhibition Dates: November 16 through December 9, 2012

Public Reception: Red Dot Gallery, 5 to 6:30 p.m., November 16, 2012

                      Red Dot Gallery, 2 to 4 p.m., December 1, 2012

Public Tribute to Susan Berk: A Community Legacy

La Posada Hotel, Santa Fe, NM, 5 to 8 p.m., December 1, 2012

Tickets are available through the Lensic Box Office at

www.ticketssantafe.org/tsf or by phone 505-988-1234.

REMARKABLE is sponsored by:

• The Christopher Foundation for the Arts, www.CFFTA.org

• Century Bank

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a retrospective

Oct 12 - Nov 11, 2012


A conversation with Linda Vi Vona

Nov 2, 2012, Friday, 6-7 pm

Share her take on the many disciplines and exhibitions

from her 50 year of commitment to the visual arts.

Red Dot gallery and Grow SFCC Foundation are pleased to announce

her donation of "Queen (Empress) Theodora" to Art on Campus.


queen theodora 1985 8' x 4'